Helping Children Reach their God-Given Potential
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    Get Informed
    Learn about malnutrition and the impact it has on children. Discover what CCMP does to help children reach their God-given potential.
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    Become an Advocate
    Silence is the enemy. Find ways to speak for those whose voice is not loud enough to be heard. Advocating for the hungry before our communities and in our prayers yields results.
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    Every Gift Counts
    The need is great, but not so great that only large gifts count. See the ways CCMP puts your donations to work and a list of current projects that need funding.
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    Make a Difference
    International and short-term volunteers are welcome at CCMP. If you think you'd like to give some of your time to work with us, there are plenty of ways for you to help. Interested?
Changing lives through your donations!
As little as PHP 23 ($ 0.50) per day helps a child fight malnutrion. Even such a small gift can supplement one child's daily nutritional needs and allow them to develop and minimize the impact of undernutrition.